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Healthy People/Place WK 3 Assignment


Read the article “Our fight with fat: Why is obesity getting worse?”

Provide in your reflection (minimum of 600 words) your overall thoughts about the obesity epidemic and suggestions for fighting this epidemic.

In addition, write a reflection (minimum of 600 words) to another student’s post


How to write an article reflection/Student Post Reflection

An article reflection paper requires scholars to provide subjective opinions, support their observations with personal experiences/viewpoints, and link their perspectives to case-related information. YOUR opinion informs a reflection and therefore it is your responsibility to write and express your ideas in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner.

A student-post reflection correlates a specific student’s views (as written in their paper) with the writer’s opinions.

Both student and article reflection/responses do not follow any specific format.

Answer Outline


  • Summary of the article – the article explores how and why individuals gain weight and become obese.
  • Thesis – the article provides subjective information that depicts the nutritional nuances of modern-day American society and their cumulative influence on weight gain, obesity, and human well-being.

Paragraph 1

  • The article concentrates on the relationship between weight gain and health
  • It defines obesity using BMI index and supposes that a BMI index of more than 30 correlates with poor health/well being.
  • I believe it sufficiently captures weight gain dynamics and, by extension, reiterates the importance of managing obesity levels in most societies.
  • However, it reflects, and seemingly promotes, common structured diets instead of encouraging healthy weight-loss practices.

Paragraph 2

  • The article captures the fundamental causes of obesity in the US.
  • It links American culture with unhealthy eating habits
  • It also explores the implications of sedentary lifestyles on general well being and obesity.
  • However, I find the article’s suggestion that politicians promote obesity, albeit unintentionally, in American society illogical.

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