Money-Back Policy

Our Money-Back Policy details instances where you can have a right to a full or partial refund.

We afford you the right to demand a refund for any sum paid in lieu of services offered. Requested refunds are processed and only sent to the initial payment method.

The Successful reimbursement Of Your Refund Depends on:

  • Nature of payment, vis-à-vis, whether you, in error, paid double the provided amount.
  • Availability of writers for your requested papers.
  • Your afore-provided deadline i.e., the one YOU specified on the order-now page.

100% Refund

Correspondingly, it is within your rights to request a 100% (a hundred percent) refund if:

  • YOU made a payment error such as a double payment. If so, please contact us immediately through our contact-us page or email. We will refund your payment in full if we haven’s assigned a writer to complete the provided task or if we receive your payment error within one hour (1 Hour) after payment.
  • WE cannot complete your order within the set deadline or find experienced writers to handle each section (of your paper) comprehensively. In this case, we will contact you before the provided deadline lapses and initiate a full refund.
  • YOUR deadline has passed, and thus, you do not need previously-ordered materials. Be advised that, in this circumstance, your refund will depend entirely on the deadline YOU stated in the order-now page. Also, if your refund requested is accepted, WE will not send any materials to you (YOU won’t have any right to previously-sent materials – whether completed files, sections of files, and/or outlines).

70% Refund

YOU can request a 70% (seventy percent) refund if:

  • Less than half of your deadline (as provided on the order-now page) has elapsed. WE compensate the assigned writer (one selected for your order) using the remaining thirty percent (30%) of your initial payment.

50% Refund

YOU can receive a fifty percent (50%) refund if:

  • More than half of your deadline (as provided on the order-now page) has elapsed.
  • WE cannot find a writer to complete your revision. Be advised that, by accepting a completed file, YOU agree that future revisions, if any, will only encompass minor adjustments to the content material.


Our refund policy DOES NOT apply to:

  • Any sum paid as credit or as value-added tax (VAT).
  • Instances where your initial order instructions are met and/or subsequent revisions require a complete rewrite of the completed materials.
  • Any problem-solving- or multiple-choice-related orders. In this circumstance, WE consider answers provided by our writing, research, and editing professionals as approved automatically. However, you are liable for a partial refund if provided answers are fifty percent (50%) wrong. OUR customer experience manager will decide your recompense.

Read through our privacy policy to understand how we further protect your privacy and your interests.

We have You Interests at heart. Order With confidence.

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